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Filter Exchange Services

Mitigate the risk of fire!
Implement FOG best practices!
Lower operating costs!

Grease filters play a critical role in air quality, fire suppression strategy, and FOG control. However, to work optimally, they must be clean inside and out. FilterShine technicians ensure just that.

Our trained and insured service techs remove your grease-laden filters and replace them with clean, well-maintained stainless-steel filters. Your dirty filters are taken off-site where they are completely cleaned inside and out.

Off-site cleaning can decrease the amount of grease down your drain by up to 70%.

Before FilterShine exchange

kitchen hood before filter exchange

After FilterShine exchange

kitchen hood after filter exchange
    FilterShine Indiana Filter Exchange Service Benefits
  • Cuts down on labor and cleaning supply costs
  • Never buy replacement filters again
  • Support EPA compliance by conserving water and energy
  • Decrease employee injuries and Workmen's Compensation claims
  • Replace soiled filters with 100% clean filters every time!
  • Decrease the amount of non-renderable waste grease generated
  • Never buy caustic filter degreaser again
  • Prevent damage to expensive dishwashers
  • Reduces drain line blockages
  • Reduces grease trap services
  • Decrease frequency of sanitary sewer overflows
  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Decrease airborne irritants and pollution
  • Improve air quality and flow

Comparative Analysis

Cleaning by restaurant staff
FilterShine exchange service
Grease builds up quickly in kitchen exhaust systems. And while clean filters are critical in FOG control and fire risk mitigation, commercial kitchens are not properly equipped to clean grease-laden filters (which have a baffle design) inside and out.
Filters are cleaned 100%. FilterShine has the capabilities to thoroughly clean open-sided offset honeycomb shape filters inside and out.
Most kitchens require filters to be cleaned twice per week. Requiring about 5 hours of labor at $15 per hour, the weekly cost can run up to $75.
Certified, insured service techs replace grease-laden filters with clean ones so your employees can focus on serving your customers.
On-site cleaning requires grease filters be soaked in water and expensive caustic degreaser.
Soiled filters are thoroughly soaked, cleaned and serviced off-site at a FilterShine facility.
Up to 70% of the grease in grease traps is from on-site filter cleaning.
0% of grease going down your drains is from on-site filter cleaning.
Any time an employee climbs or reaches over hot equipment, OSHA standards are violated. Too often when filters are removed by employees, they do just that. And when injury occurs, Workman's compensation must be filed.
FilterShine service techs remove and exchange all dirty filters so your employees do not have to risk injury.
Running filters through the dishwasher only cleans the outside, may impact dishwasher warranty, and is against health code.
FilterShine cleans and services filters off-site.
Commercial kitchens who clean their own filters may find themselves in violation of Health Department and Fire Marshall requirements when filters are not properly cleaned, are missing baffles, or are not in good repair.
Eliminate the risks associated with poorly cleaned and maintained filters with all stainless steel filters in 100% working order.
When filters are cleaned on-site, grease and caustic water ends up in areas that do not go to grease traps.
100% EPA complaint.

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